We Introduce the wide range of services we offer in Horizontes, from: aeronautical courses for private, commercial pilot; instrument, twin-engine, flight instructor ratings; flight attendant, flight dispatcher, sky diving, little aviators, recurrent courses, private flights for executive purposes, recreational flight simulator sessions, and our famous "air tours" over the city of San Pedro Sula or anywhere in “Valle de Sula”.
Horizontes is nationally and internationally recognized as the best Flight School in Central America, in charge of training civil pilots, cabin crew (flight attendant), and flight dispatchers. Graduating air professionals required by the labor market, for their high degree of professionalism, skill level airline standardization and high knowledge.
In Horizontes we seek to be recognized nationally and internationally as an elite airline in charge of taking you to the best destinations in our country!

Our goal is to bring you unparalleled security, commitment, punctuality and economy. We want to commit with you to make your flight with full satisfaction!
Open to the general public and available every day of the year, you only have to call to make your appointment and bring your friends to enjoy the famous air tours.

The air tour is charged based on a fixed rate per air tour, for this price, you and two friends can enjoy a flight over San Pedro Sula, Puerto Cortes, Omoa, Tela, El Valle de Sula, El Progreso, Lake Yojoa, including Tela and Punta Sal! It’s your choice, you can go alone or accompanied.
We offer the best customer service and handling services available in the area. The service includes handling services in San Pedro Sula´s La Mesa Airport (MHLM) and Tegucigalpa´s Toncontin Airport (MHTG).

We include:

- Overflight and aircraft landing permit.
- Aircraft Circulation permit.
- Airport Charges

Contact Us:
4ta Ave. 15 Calle N.O. Sector Cervecería
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Phone: 2509-5426
Cell: 9520-0389
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