We offer the best customer service and handling services available in the area. The service includes handling services in San Pedro Sula´s La Mesa Airport (MHLM) and Tegucigalpa´s Toncontin Airport (MHTG). We include:

- Overflight permit coordination for the aircraft
- Aircraft permit to remain in country
- Processing of airport fees, etc
- Guide within the terminal and airport
How do you start, What documents do you need to send?
To start your handling coordination and overflight permit in Honduras please send us an email to administracion@horizonteshn.com with the following documents and information:

- Aircraft Registration Number
- Type of Aircraft
- Serial Number
- Name of Pilot in Command and Crew
- Name of Passengers
- Date and time of arrival
- Name of City and Country of Origin
- Date and time of departure
- Name of City and Country of Destination
- Scanned copy of aircraft registration
- Scanned copy of airworthyness certificate
- Scanned copy of aircraft insurance stating coverage in Honduras
- Scanned copy of pilot´s licence (including crew)
- Scanned copy of pilot´s medical certificate (including crew)
- Scanned copy of passenger passports
- Any special needs like fuel, catering services, ground equipment, etc
How much money should i take?
Handling Fee                       $200
Landing Fee                         $11-$20 (Varies by Aircraft Weight)
Ramp Fee                             $2-$3 per hour (First 6 hours free!)
OIRSA Fee                            $14
Flight Protection                  $0/$42/$56 (Varies by flight level and Destination)
Passenger Departure Tax   $40 per pax
Contáctenos en:
4ta Ave. 15 Calle N.O. Sector Cervecería
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Teléfono: 2509-5426
Móvil: 9520-0389
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